Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ride That Wasn't

Another post?! GASP!


So, Saturday morning I woke up and found that my rear tire was a bit deflated. I didn't think too much of it, and after inflating both tires to proper PSI, I headed off for a 50 mile ride with the SFVBC. I was going to be meeting Manny during the ride.

The weather was perfect for a ride, and once we met up with Manny, we were chatting and having a good time.

And then we got to Burbank St. Burbank is a miserable POS of a street, filled with cracks and potholes and pure evil. Before we got to the park on Balboa/Burbank, Manny proceeded to tell me that he hated taking this street. I would soon learn why.

Going eastbound on Burbank, we passed Balboa St and reached a very ruined stretch of road. After taking too many hard hits, my rear tire flatted and I rolled to a stop on the shoulder, trying to keep my bike under control. I had tried calling to the group, but alas, they couldn't/didn't hear me, and they sped off. After changing my tire and inflating the new tube with a co2 cartridge, I was off, trying to chase them down as quickly as I could. I stayed on Burbank, as I hadn't reached Victory Blvd yet (or at least I thought I hadn't reached Victory Blvd).

And then I flatted again. The rear wheel. I changed the tube (I had a 2nd in my saddlebag) and tried to inflate it. I had run out of co2 and only had the one cartridge. Woe is me.

Stranded, I called Alannah to come pick me up. 2 flats within an hour of riding. Damn. To top it off, the rear wheel is now wobbly. Going to be taking my bike into the shop this week for a repair, which I hope won't be too costly. Oh well. This just means I have more time to train in the other 2 sports I'm not very good at: Running and swimming.

The Redondo Beach Triathlon is coming up on June 10th, and I seriously hope to beat my previous time of 1 hour 39 minutes. My cycling has significantly improved from last year's tri, as has my running. My swimming still leaves much to be desired. So, I'm going to be putting in some major hours at the pool this month, and trying to drop some weight. I won't be at the same weight I was at last year, but I am still aiming to beat a 90 minute triathlon.

2 weeks after that is the LiveStrong Challenge Davis in beautiful, bike friendly, Davis, CA. If you can, I'd really appreciate a donation, as time is running out. Any amount would be great!

I'll write about the bike race where we crashed the LA Marathon course later this week.

Questions? Comments? Cheap shots? Let me know.

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