Friday, August 26, 2011

I missed you, Amelia...

3 days. 3 days I was away.

Away from you.

My precious Amelia.

But no more. We had to be reunited. I had to be with you, Amelia.

The ride we shared yesterday was wonderful. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have been with.

And I love the way you look. All those curves. All those angles. I love the way you feel. Your Colnago carbon fork and Shimano R500 wheels absorbing the road and allowing me to enjoy the feel of the wind rather than the bumps in the asphalt.

Oh, I didn't mention my bike's name is Amelia?


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were tough. I was resting a sprained foot (doctor's orders) and I can't go running for a few weeks (also doctor's orders). He said cycling might be ok, though, as long as it didn't hurt. After resting for 3 days, I really couldn't take it anymore. I wanted my legs to hurt (in a good way), I wanted my lungs to burn (in a good way), I wanted to go for a bike ride (in a bad way).

My foot wasn't hurting (as bad as before), and so I went. I didn't push very hard, considering I hadn't ridden for the past 3 days, but even taking it easy was great. Actually, I didn't take it easy for the whole ride. During an early part of the ride I managed to hit a new top speed of 36.3 mph. As a proud member of Team "Slow as F**k" it was quite the accomplishment. (Note: Not an actual team. Yet.)

I took my time, practicing staying in aero and standing on the pedals during climbs. I still need to work on pedaling while in aero, and I couldn't stand on the pedals during the climb for long, but it was still good practice.

Right now, I really just need to start putting in the miles to get ready for October. My Las Vegas Century is going to be the last major thing I really train for all year. Do I plan on still swimming/riding/running? Yes/HELL YES/maybe. I wanted to try endurance running again, but my foot may prevent that from happening anytime soon. I figure, I won't do any running until October, and then I will start running again. Until then, I will continue to stretch/massage/ice my foot.

And, of course, keep riding Amelia.

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