Monday, April 25, 2011

The post in which Fatboy talks about shoes.

A curious thought: Why do quality shoes cost so much?

I remember growing up and getting a pair $125 shoes that I wore once or twice and then outgrew. Is it the style, or the look? Or does a celebrity endorsement automatically add $100 to the price of a pair of ordinary, run of the mill shoes.

For basketball shoes, maybe. The latest pair of Jordan's, or Kobe's, or whoever can easily fetch $250/pair. Do they make you play better? No, because if they did then every white boy and fat wannabe (i.e., me) would own a pair. Its all in the name. Which makes me think about how multisport athletes are much luckier than those for basketball, or soccer, or any other really mainstream sport.

We get quality for our money.

On Friday, I went out to play basketball with my father, brother, and my cousin. When we got home, I realized I had blisters on my right foot. I hadn't had blisters on my feet since I used to wear Nike shoes for running (I think maybe 3-4 years ago). The shoes I wore on Friday were Adidas.

Saturday, I went out for a run wearing my pair of Newton running shoes. My feet felt great. The blisters I had acquired the previous day didn't bother me in the least. Very happy about that.

This begs the question: why is there such a difference in quality between one of America's largest shoe manufacturers and tiny shoe company with extra rubber on the soles?

My opinion is that Adidas or Nike, or most other major brands are only looking for profit. All their shoes are meant for the same type of feet; no special insoles for flat-footed individuals, or for those who over-pronate. Their running shoes are not very good, either.

Newton, or Brooks, or Asics, or other specialty shoemakers, on the other hand, build different shoes for different feet, with varying levels of cushioning and support. They offer quality shoes at the same price, and are sometimes even lower.

Its amazing what a jumpman logo can do to a shoe's price.

Some will probably argue that because my feet aren't used to playing basketball that I got blisters.Or that I should drop some weight before trying to play. Or that I'm a stupidhead who shouldn't show his ugly mug around a basketball court again if he knows whats good for him.

Whatever, I'll stick my Newtons, Brooks, and Asics, thanks.

PS: Yesterday's weight is 265.6 lbs.

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